Who We Are

John Reynolds is co-founder and a Managing Director of Lime Rock. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1992 and spent six years in the Investment Research Department where he had senior analyst responsibility for global oil service sector research and was one of the top-rated analysts in the sector. He co-founded Lime Rock in 1998. John is a graduate of Bucknell University (B.A.), where he now serves on the Board of Trustees.

Based in Westport, Connecticut, John leads the Lime Rock Partners team’s efforts in the global oilfield service sector. He currently serves on the board of directors of Shelf Drilling. He previously served on the board of directors of Archer, Ardyne, Blackjewel, Eastern Drilling, EnerMech, Hercules Offshore, IPEC, Liquila Ventures, Noble Rochford Drilling, Patriot Drilling, Roxar, Sensa, Tercel Oilfield Products, Tesco, Torch Offshore, and VEDCO Holdings.

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Portfolio Highlights

  • Liquila Ventures