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E&P and Oilfield Service Strategies

Since 1998, we have helped build high-growth, specialized E&P and oilfield service companies worldwide.

  • Lease
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  • Manufacturers

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  • Specialty Services

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Niche Investment Opportunities

While the amount of capital we invest is tailored to the opportunity, we generally seek to invest $50 million to $150 million in niche specialist companies to help fund their growth.



Lime Rock Partners partnered with GEODynamics, a specialist service company focused on completion tools, in 2011.



Lime Rock Partners regularly backs entrepreneurs in subsequent ventures, such as partnering with PSL in 2003 and EnerMech in 2008, two specialty services companies managed by teams led by Doug Duguid.

Proven Entrepreneurs

We seek partners with a track record of exceeding goals, a proven ability to adapt to changing markets, and a history of managing successful, challenging organizations.

Differentiated Growth Plan

We seek to back differentiated companies that can grow faster than the industry: oilfield service companies with technological differentiation, a strategy more nimble than its larger competitors, or an offering more sophisticated than its smaller ones; and E&P companies with a geological, engineering, land, and operations edge in finding high-return and often overlooked opportunities.



Lime Rock Partners invested in Capstone in 2012 and Capstone II in 2014 to back a team pursuing a differentiated, under the radar E&P strategy in the Permian Basin.



In 2010, Lime Rock Partners partnered with OiLSERV, a diversified oilfield service company with a relentless focus on service quality in its home markets in Middle East North Africa.

Local Expertise

Whether it’s an E&P management team with a long history operating in a specific basin or a global oilfield service company having deep connections in the markets in which it operates, having local expertise is essential, in our opinion, to long-term differentiation.

Commitment to Partnership

We bring our value-adding global resources and patient hard work to every investment. We don’t back competing companies, and we don’t charge monitoring or transaction fees to the companies we back. We seek an equal commitment to partnership: company leaders who understand that we can best achieve our shared goals by working hard and by working together.

San Jacinto Minerals

San Jacinto Minerals

In 2015, Lime Rock Partners partnered with three executives with whom it worked at Vantage Energy to pursue a minerals acquisition strategy in the Marcellus Shale.  In 2017, the San Jacinto and Lime Rock teams expanded that relationship into select other basins in a second vehicle.