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Jonathan Farber

Managing Director

Jonathan Farber is co-founder and a Managing Director of Lime Rock. He began his career in 1990 in the Investment Research Department of Goldman Sachs. During his career at Goldman Sachs, he served as both a securities analyst covering the U.S. and Canadian E&P sector and as a vice president in the Investment Banking Division where he was involved in private equity and large M&A transactions. He co-founded Lime Rock in 1998. Mr. Farber is a graduate of the School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University (B.S.F.S). He is based in Westport, Connecticut and maintains an office in Houston.

Mr. Farber leads the Lime Rock Partners team’s efforts in the global E&P sector. He currently serves on the board of directors of Augustus Energy Partners II, CrownRock, Imaginea Energy, Laricina Energy, and Vantage Energy. He is also on the Investment Committee of Lime Rock Resources and serves on the board of LRR Energy, L.P. He previously served on the board of directors of Arena Exploration, Augustus Energy Partners, Black Shire Energy, Coronado Resources, Deer Creek Energy, LMP Exploration Holdings, PDC Mountaineer, RMP Energy, Torex Resources, U.S. Exploration Holdings, and Venture Production.